Perfection Is Not Attainable

Life is painted as a perfect picture as early as we can all remember. I know part of it is probably just because of fairy tales, Disney movies and also from parents just wanting for their kids to be happy and look forward to the future. The strive for perfection comes from pressure and pressure is put on by so many different factors. Some of them being parents saying what they expect, other people throughout our lives including social media and movies/shows that we watch. Well the truth is life is hard, life is not easy, it is not perfect and we will never reach perfection no matter how hard we try.

Lately I have been feeling as though I have not reached up to my full potential, like I have not reached that perfect state for myself. I have been feeling as though I have not done what I planned to do, I have wasted my time and I feel as though all that time wasted led me to yet another couple wasted years trying to figure out whats next and to truly find myself. I thought by now, mainly because of the pressures, I should have been married, I should have had my first or even second kid by now, I should have been finished with my degree, I should have been making six figures. It is crazy, because growing up, you feel as though there is a timeline for it all and it has to go that way or else something is off and you’re just not good enough, or smart enough. These are truly all lies from the devil himself, and its essential to come back to the truth during these times, because in Christ, we are worthy, we are loved unconditionally, we are heirs of His throne, we are whole and good in His eyes just the way that we are.

“He replied, ‘Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.'”

Matthew 17:20

During these extra hard times we are all facing now too, its easy to get down on ourselves because that truly feels like the way to fix it sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I do think you have to face your demons and really do the work to get stronger, healthier and to push forward as the best version of yourself, but the good part is you don’t have to do it alone. Not saying its easy, and from experience it is truly the hardest thing to do, just to have faith, that He is truly in control and He is filling in the picture for us, so that we can just do our best and He does the rest. Its crazy to think, how small a mustard seed is, that’s all He asks from us, isn’t that comforting? When I re read this verse, I had to just take it in and accept it for what it is.

No matter how lonely and scary it feels, there are people who love us so much that they want to be a part of the journey. I truly had to stop and re direct my focus on what I am trying to accomplish, its not perfection because that is not possible. God is perfection so that we do not have to be, God created me and He created each and everyone of us in His image. He did not call us to be perfect, He called us to believe and have faith in Him, and that is it. It is that simple, which is so hard to understand and fathom most days for myself.

How about you? Do you feel you have to live to a certain perfection? Do you feel like a failure and alone in your failures? If so, even if you don’t want to explain or talk, just leave a note with your name and we will both pray for you by name specifically, because there is power in just that.

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